3dRose -- 3D Rendering Open-Source Engine

3dRose -- 3D Rendering Open-Source Engine

    A library and basic executable wrapper for the render of three-dimensional scenes, specially designed for video frames production. It will feature:

    Scalable precision and depth of rendering following the scene kinematics.
      (from A-buffer to full raytracing with volumetric effects, from single scene render to multiple planes, with optionnal antialiasing and optic effects)

    Full support of radiosity, spline smoothing, bump maps, ... and volumetric materials.

    Maximum reuse of ray path components between consecutive frames, and storable pre-calculus of fixed scene planes.

    Imbedded kinetic components, like action ranges and predefined moves, to limit useless calculus and memory consumption.

    Generic support of 3d accelerators, and task-distribution over a network.
      (card support at first through the Linux generic driver model, distribution via PVM or MPI)

    Common file formats support, imports from / exports to Vrml, Blender, 3DSmax...



    Founder: Yann LANDRIN-SCHWEITZER aka Varkhan
    Contact: varkhan@free.fr
    Homepage: http://varkhan.free.fr/

    Other members:
    Eric VACHON Arkinis
    Franck THOMAS Kyfran
    Alexandre LORNACK Lornack
    Jérome SOBECKI Pandragon
    Djelal RAOUF Shahinshah
    Alexandre ZANGHELLINI Straton
    Eric LESTIENNE Xaran